Master the Goblet Squat, a form that tends to collapse

Master the Goblet Squat, a form that tends to collapse

There is no doubt that squats are the strongest hip-up exercise. But regular squats get tired after 30 days. What I want you to try is “Goblet Squat”, which can produce great results in a few times. Introducing how to do it from UK Women’s Health.

“This squat works mainly on the legs, but if you do it right, you can also train your buttocks, back, and trunk,” explains Abi Dewberry, master trainer of the British boot camp gym Best’s Bootcamp.

So, at Goblet Squat, mastering foam is extremely important.

First, stand up with your legs slightly wider than your shoulders. The point is to point your toes outward.

“There are many people who can’t lower their hips because the range of motion of the hip joints is usually narrow.

Also, if you roll your back, your shoulders may be overloaded and injured. Dewberry also calls attention, “It’s a common mistake”.

“If you do your best to keep your trunk up and stretch your upper body while lowering your body, your back won’t get around.” Have you ever seen a baby squatting? That is the ideal form for squats.

Initially, 8 kg kettlebell 10 times x 3 sets.

When your body gets used, increase the weight and reduce the number of times to 6-8.

Advice from the trainer: This exercise is not suitable for people with low back pain.

The correct way to goblet squats1 of 3

The correct way to goblet squats

1.Hold a weight in front of your chest and stand with your legs open slightly wider than your shoulders. Turn your toes outward.

2.Place the center of gravity on the heel, bend the knee, pull the butt back, and then lower (image like sitting on a chair)

3.Put power into the trunk while lowering the hips. Move the center of gravity to the hip joint so that the shoulder does not curl.

Four. When the thigh is parallel to the floor, stop moving for 1-2 seconds, stand on the heel, get up, and return to the start position.


Three signs that are wrong2 of 3

Three signs that are wrong

Shoulders are rounded

“If you hold a weight in front of your chest, your upper body may jump forward and your shoulders may curl up,” Dewberry said. Avoid this problem by firmly supporting your upper body with your back muscles, including the latissimus dorsi.

The center of gravity is in front

“It’s also a common mistake that the heel floats because the center of gravity is on the ball,” Dewberry continues. “This will train your quadriceps instead of your gluteal muscles.”

Insufficient depth

“Most people are not deep enough and are in semi-squat conditions,” Dewberry warned. At the deepest point, the thigh should be parallel to the floor.


How to increase the difficulty level?3 of 3

How to increase the difficulty level?

If you think regular goblet squats are too easy, try increasing the difficulty with these two variations.

Use barbell

When you are confident in a goblet squat using a kettlebell or dumbbell, step up to a barbell. Hold a lightweight at the front until you feel confident about the foam.

Lift weights overhead

Lift dumbbells or barbells overhead while you are squatting. According to Dewberry, overhead exercises are very burdensome to the body. “We can’t support the weight unless our trunk and back muscles work harder than usual.”

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