Kaempferol addition increases the antimalarial activity of artesunate.


J Trop Med. 2020 ;2020:6165928. Epub 2020 Jun 29. PMID: 32684939

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Kaempferol Addition Increases the Antimalarial Activity of Artesunate in Experimental Mice.


Kaempferol (KMF) is a member of flavonol widely found in tea, broccoli, apples, strawberries, and beans. It has been demonstrated to present several pharmacological properties with potent antimalarial activity against-infected mice. Hence, the search for a safe and new antimalarial compound with combinations to delay the development of resistance was the aim of this study. Thus, the therapeutic effect of the combination of KMF and artesunate (ART) in-infected mice was evaluated. Combination of KMF and ART inANKA- (PbANKA-) infected ICR mice in a fixed-ratio combination (1 : 1) and fractions of their median effective dose (ED) was also investigated using the standard 4-day suppressive test. The EDlevels of KMF and ART in mice infected with PbANKA were 20.06 ± 2.65 and 6.06 ± 1.33 mg/kg, respectively. Moreover, KMF showed promising synergistic combination with ART at the doses of their EDand fixed-ratio combination (1 : 1) of their EDof 1/2 with combination index (CI) values of 0.86 and 0.47, respectively. Additionally, KMF, ART, and its combination at the doses of their EDand fixed-ratio combination (1 : 1) of their EDof 1/2 also presented significantly (

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