Nutramagik KetoSlim 5X Natural Fat Burner -60 Capsule



Keto helps you do away with unwanted fat and boost your metabolism. It largely expands the metabolic rate by replenishing the energy stored across the body. Gradually but surely it alleviates the fat from your belly
Ketosis is a state that your body enters to uses excess fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. This results in rapid removal of excess weight, and also increases energy, Reduced hunger, and appetite, better mental focus. while still eating your favorite foods.
The main active component in KETO is HCA that burns the calories and inhibits them from converting into fats. The main function of HCA is to block the citrate lyase enzyme which slows down the metabolism
Your food craving reduces with the use of KETO, it also inhibits excessive calories intake. It also adjusts the serotonin level to get you in a good mood and prevent you from snacking on to the eatables


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